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2019-05-24 22:28:14

Have you ever heard of the concept of eyebrow and face threading before? Perhaps it may sound like a new trend to you, but it’s actually one that’s been around since ancient times! This practice of removing hair, facial hair in particular, by using thread originated in the Middle East and Asia, a long, long time ago. In other words, it’s been around for a while now, even if it hasn’t been as present in the Western world.

If you’re yet to give threading a go, hopefully this article will give you all the insight you need on deciding whether eyebrow threading and face threading is something that you, too, need to add to your bucket list (because goals aren’t limited to just travel!).

What is Eyebrow and Face Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an eyebrow hair removing and shaping technique in which a cotton thread is used to pull and twist along and around the areas with unwanted eyebrow hair. It lifts the hair follicles by their root, but in a manner that doesn’t involve any unnecessary tugging, making it a far less uncomfortable of an experience than eyebrow plucking is.

Meanwhile, face threading in general is otherwise the same technique. However, it also covers areas such as chin and upper lip, as well as areas like sideburns. In other words, it is possible to use threading for any part of your face where you have unwanted hair that you wish to get rid of. Well, except maybe your beard.

Threading in general is considered a natural alternative to waxing. Thus, if you are searching for a natural method, but you aren’t that into tweezing, then threading may be the correct route for you to follow!

Face Threading vs. Waxing

So, how does face threading compare to waxing? They’re identical for what they want to accomplish: removing unwanted hair from one’s face. However, in technique they are wildly different, with threading often considered the gentler (but totally just as effective!) option. Due to that, threading is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin, over waxing or even tweezing. The downside of threading is that it’s quite difficult to do by yourself at home, whereas waxing is simple and easy, at least for those with a higher threshold for pain. Therefore, if you’re low on money and/or time, you may have to delay threading somewhere a little bit further down the line.

How is Face Threading Done?

First of all, note that while threading can be largely less uncomfortable than waxing, it does leave the threaded area shining red for a couple of hours after. Remember also to keep the area clean and make up free for at least a day! Before you begin threading the area, you should purse your lips together, and then form a smile – this will tighten the upper lip area so that threading will be easy to make. Once the twist of the thread is in the right position, it should be first placed right outside of the right side of your upper lip, and the thread should be moved in twisting movements across your lip while keeping the string in contact with your skin.

Before you get to threading, it may be a good idea to clean the area thoroughly, perhaps with some alcohol. And as you twist the thread to get rid of unwanted eyebrow hair, unlike with the upper lip, only concentrate on the spots where you want to remove the hair from specifically – you wouldn’t want to end up with no eyebrows at all!

What Does it Feel Like? Does it Hurt?

Perhaps it cannot be said that it’s entirely painless – or at least it’s not the type of a process you feel completely nothing during. However, it typically feels much more pleasant on your skin than waxing does. It’s often compared to how tweezing feels like, although many find threading to hurt less than tweezing does, as well. Personally, I found threading, especially when not done on me by myself, to feel a lot nicer and less invasive on my eyebrows than the experiences I have with tweezing. Of course, how the threading will feel like varies not only based on the person, but based on the area of your face that you are getting threaded. You won’t actually know if threading is the right option for you before you’ve tried!

Can I do Face Threading at Home?

Yes. And yet, no. While it is possible to do face threading at home, it is not recommended, especially not by yourself. Other areas like your upper lip may still be relatively easy to do on your own, but eyebrows will be a tough cookie to break without some help. If you want to conduct the face threading at home, how about inviting over a friend who has experience on face threading from before, and let them do it for you? In exchange, you could perhaps offer them a meal or a glass of wine. Or they might even do it for free!

Otherwise, it is probably for the best to visit a clinic and let a professional take care of the face threading for you, in order to achieve the best results for as little pain as possible. As this technique is currently increasing in popularity, the salons which offer threading as one of the options on their catalogue are also on the rise. Thus, finding one where you can get threading done should not be too difficult, depending on the area you live in.

If you are into the at-home threading, but unsure of doing it with just a piece of thread, they have created an electric threading kit to help you. Check this one out.

And that is essentially eyebrow threading and face threading in a nutshell! If you are further interested in finding out how exactly to form the correct twist with the thread, Google is full of instructions and images that will guide you. I find the images especially to be of great help. If you’ve had previous experiences with facial hair threading, I would love to hear your opinions on it in the comments! And even more so, if this post encouraged you to try out threading for the first time!

Eyebrow threading was not a life long dream, but I had seen these little shops popping up all over and was curious by the technique.  I am a Retina-A & Triluma user which helps with wrinkles and discoloration, but causes a thin layer of skin to be removed, in addition to my brow hair, when I wax. So I usually just pluck my brow hair…one by one…ouch!

Eyebrow threading is a way of shaping eyebrows by using just a cotton piece of thread. It is widely practiced in the Middle East and India, but has been making a significant showing in America.

There are no chemicals used and the whole process takes about 5 minutes.

I had mine done at the local mall where I just popped in without any wait. They sit you in a chair, similar to the ones at a hair styling salon and then proceed with the eyebrow threading using one long piece of thread.

I am pleased with the results, being quite fascinated by the fact that they removed my hair, even the short ones, with a piece of string. Talk about a low overhead business! @bucketlistjrny
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