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2019-10-11 00:35:16

Many people think of CEOs as a cut above the rest, powerful and patrician. Naturally, most ordinary people assume they could never rise to this CEO-level.But researchers have found that there are four attainable traits that CEOs embody, and they're well within reach for the average worker.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Think you can never become a CEO? Think again, say Elena Botelho and Kim Powell, researchers and authors of the book The CEO Next Door.  

Botelho and Powell studied data from 17,000 leadership assessments, from which they chose 2,600 to study even further. The two partnered with professors from both the University of Chicago and Columbia University to analyze the traits these leaders embody most frequently. 

The writers state that most people believe the iconic CEO is powerful and patrician, a bold, charismatic extrovert with a flawless resume. Which means we don't think we can become CEOs ourselves, as we could never measure up. But they've found that's just not true. There are four necessary traits that can help regular working people become the CEO they've always dreamt of becoming. And they're easier to achieve than you may think.

Even the most impressive CEOs often didn't start out knowing they were destined for greatness, the writers said. Leah Thomas
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